Mama’s Top 3 Essential Laundry Items

What are your top 3 must-have laundry items?  The top three things that you literally could not do laundry without?

I’m not talking about the obvious, like your washer or detergent.  More along the lines of those top items that either make or break your laundry life.

Stain Removal Supplies

Mama’s Favorite Laundry Items

Here are mine, in no particular order.  If you’ve read here at Mama’s long at all, you won’t be shocked in the least.

Mesh laundry bags add an extra layer of protection to delicate items.  One of the best ways to save money on clothes is to take good care of the items you already own.  If you don’t wash your lingerie and other delicate items with care, they won’t stay ‘delicate’ very  long.  And lingerie is expensive.  So I always wash mine in a mesh bag to give it an extra layer of protection. It prevents lace from snagging and tights from running.

  • Blue Dawn Dish Soap
    I wash clothes for 4 messy children…and a husband.  And they all require a little Blue Dawn each week to remove food grease stainsBlue Dawnis cheap and a little goes a long way in getting rid of bacon grease or chili or guacamole.Blue Dawn also strips my cloth diapers when the stink gets out of control.

    It’s a powerful little concoction, that Blue Dawn!

  • Oxi Clean Stain Remover – the powder
    Oxi Clean  is the best stain remover on the market for protein-based stains.  The powder is my favorite form as it is so versatile.  Use Oxi Clean to do The Soak for any stain that is difficult or to completely brighten dingy clothes.In all of my experience with stain removal, I have encountered few products that are even in the same league with Oxi Clean in terms of consistent, difficult stain removal.

    There is always a bucket on top of my washer.  Always.



So what are your top 3 essential laundry items?

Don’t pick your washer/dryer or detergent (unless it is a fabulous detergent that you must share).  Do tell.



Disclosure: I am not affiliated with any of the the listed products.  I just find them to be essential items in my own laundry room.  My opinions of them are strictly my own.  The links to Amazon are my affiliate links.


  1. Thanks to learning the power of The Soak from your site, I don’t know what I’d do without my Oxi-Clean! My second must-have is my drying rack. I love to air dry as many items as possible without making the anti-clothesline HOA mad at me! The final in my top three is Shout- we always spray it right away when taking off a stained item. We try to stay on top of laundry and usually do a really good job, but sometimes when something falls by the wayside for a few days I find the Shout generally keeps a stain from setting. Don’t take these three from me or I’ll have dingy, stained, worn-out clothes!

  2. My homemade stain spray
    Shout Color Catcher

  3. My drying rack (I can see the savings in my electric bill.)
    My mesh bag (It keeps my washing machine from eating baby socks.)
    My lavender oil (It makes my house smell nice when doing laundry.)

  4. Mesh bags for baby socks and swim suits especially.
    Dreft stain remover is the best.
    And I too, love Dawn and not just in the kitchen. Last week my husband did something involving a chain saw that got his brand spankin’ new pants covered with something oily all down his pant leg. Dawn took it out. I drizzled it on and let it soak for a bit and then washed. I missed it the first time around and noticed it while I was putting the clothes in the dryer. Glad I caught it before going in the dryer. So I know it would have been a bad stain without Dawn.
    I also love my homemade laundry soap and will never go back to buying commericial detergents. It cleans my husband’s clothes so much better and is so much cheaper.

    • mamalaundry says:

      “did something involving a chain saw that got his brand spankin’ new pants covered with something oily”

      That just made me laugh out loud. It sounds so much like my husband to work in his good clothes. Glad the Dawn took it out!

  5. Blue Dawn… who knew?

    You rock!

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