9 Inspiring Laundry Room Makeovers

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Are you looking to remodel your laundry room? When we tackle a remodeling project at our house, I always need a few ideas for inspiration. I found 9 laundry room makeovers that range from simple to complex. Take a peek for some inspiration on your next laundry room overhaul.

Simple Laundry Room RemodelBetween 3 Sisters
This is a great example of what stripping old wallpaper and updating with a little paint can bring a laundry room. Beth even shows how she’s organized the inside of her cabinets to be more efficient. To me, this is a real laundry room remodel – not one of those I-can-only-dream projects.

Dog Hide-Away in the Laundry RoomKathy’s Remodeling Blog
Unfortunately, we are not inside-dog people here in the Hill House. My floors stay dirty enough as it is with 6 people living here. I can’t imagine adding an inside dog to the mix.

However if I did, this is the set-up we would have. This might be the most adorable dog idea I’ve seen lately: a little doggie apartment in the laundry room. Oh it’s super cute.

Turn a Closet into a Laundry RoomFine Home Building
I often see laundry room makeovers that are beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but not very functional. While lovely little mason jars of various colored powders are pretty, they are totally not useful. (Or maybe it’s just that way at our house?).

This remodel is a great example of how to utilize the small space of a laundry closet. Form the sturdy doors to the custom-built washer and dryer pedestals, this is just dreamy.

DIY Laundry Room MakeoverThe Happy Housewife
Angie shares her simple DIY Laundry Room overhaul, which includes paint, new flooring and new shelving.  She transformed an ordinary laundry room into a bright and cheerful spot to fold laundry.

$100 Laundry Room MakeoverRemodel-aholic
By putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls and cabinets, this remodel-er freshened up the look of a dark laundry room. All for under $100! Can’t beat that.

Make sure you scroll down to look at her homemade ironing board hanger. Love that idea!

Fresh and New Laundry Room MakeoverBlessed Little Nest
Don’t just look at the beautiful transformation pictures in this post, but make sure you actually read it as well. Heather honestly explains how her makeover budget was needed to buy new walls (they are a little important, after all) and she had very little money left to work with.

I adore her finished product – simple, cheery and frugal. She made do with what she had and just did a lovely job.

Shabby Chic Laundry Room Makeover Love of Family & Home
While the décor in this laundry room makeover is super cute and creative, it is the design of the room I wanted to highlight.

I’m assuming this is a long room and the blogger created a closet at one end. She hung a curtain rod and created an enclosed space to hang clothes just-out-of-the-dryer with some seasonal storage as well.

Laundry Room Make Over with a Great Twist on LightingA Delightful Design
Did this laundry room really need a make over? It looked so good to start with! I should be so lucky!

I love what Abby did with the lighting in this room. What an interesting {and fabulous} choice. It pays to think outside of the creative box a little.

Making the Most of Storage SpaceKevin & Amanda
Kevin and Amanda obviously have a smaller laundry room, but they’ve done an excellent job in maximizing their space. By adding new, pre-made cabinets, storage boxes on top of those and a pull-out organizer beside the machine, they have a spot for everything.


 Laundry Room Makeover Board

Are you a fan of Pinterest?  I’ve set up a Laundry Room Makeover Board if you need some more inspiration!

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