How to Fold: Children’s 2-piece Pajamas

Some of the quickest, easiest clothes to fold are children’s pajamas

Starting with the shirt, pull both shoulders back so the shirt forms a mirror image.  Smooth wrinkles out with your hands.

Flat Mirror Fold PJ Shirt

Fold the arms in so the shirt forms as close to a rectangle as possible.

Arms Folded in PJ Shirt

Fold the shirt in half from top to bottom and smooth again.  Set aside.

Finished Folded PJ Shirt

Lay the pants down flat on your workspace.  Fold one leg over the other, forming a mirror image.

Mirror Legs Boy PJ Pants

If clothes are 4T or larger, you’ll need to fold the legs in thirds.  If they are smaller, folding in half is sufficient.

Third Fold Legs Boy PJ Pants

Completed Fold Boy PJ Pants

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