What to Do When You Don’t Have Time to Fold a Load of Clothes

See if you can relate to this laundry scenario: You have 5+ loads of clothes that must be washed today.  You have a 5 minute break in your schedule, so now is the perfect time to roll the laundry (take the clean, dry load out of the dryer, put the wet clothes on to tumble […]

Find Those Laundry Posts You’re Looking For

Stain Removal and How to Fold Laundry seem to be the biggest items people are looking for here at Mama’s Laundry Talk.  A large percentage of the readers here have an immediate issue in which they are looking for a solution. So I’ve spent quite a bit of time this week making Mama’s a little […]

How to Fold: Footed Pajamas

Footed pajamas are one of those clothing articles you just sort of wad up and hope it stays “folded.”  If this has been your usual folding method for these, your stack probably looks like this:   I’m always looking and experimenting to find a better way to streamline my laundry process and my other work […]

How to Fold a Dress or Skirt

This Spring, my husband and I turned our bonus room into a bedroom for two of our girls. While it is a great space for a bedroom, it lacks a closet.  I can see that as they get older, we’re going to have a figure out a solution for hanging clothes.  In the meantime, their […]

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