Should I Buy A Professional Iron?

A reader on Mama’s FaceBook page recently asked this question: Do you think it’s worth the investment to get a professional style steam press to do our ironing? What do you use?   This is an excellent question: Is a professional-grade iron with the money?  And my answer? It depends. If you are considering a […]

2 Quick Ironing Tips for Perfect Pants

These 2 ironing tips take less than 1 minute and will totally change the look of your pants. You’ve seen those people.  The ones that have beautifully pressed pants.  But then as they walk away, you notice the whole rear of their pants are wrinkly. You don’t want to be the wrinkly-rear person.  Here’s how […]

How to Avoid Ironing

Ironing seems to be a thing of the past. In fact, our CPA saw my receipt for my fabulous iron last year and said, “Do people even do that anymore?”  Well, I do.  But I realize I might be in the minority. Not too long ago mothers ironed every piece of clothing in the house: […]

A Few Laundry Questions and Answers

I’ve written over 250 posts so far here at Mama’s Laundry Talk, and with that comes a lot of follow-up questions.  Today I am going to tackle a few.  Hopefully, some of your questions will be answered as well! I just looked at your Stain Removal post on The Soak.  Do you soak multiple items […]

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