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If you follow Mama’s Laundry Talk on Facebook, you know that I had my first (of hopefully many) visits to Ikea this weekend.

And I’m hooked.

We needed some bedroom furniture for my 2 oldest girls and Ikea came highly recommended.  We didn’t have a huge budget and my husband is a pretty handy guy, so Ikea’s way of doing things works okay for us.

Thankfully, we found some ideal furniture for their room.

I won’t go on and on about how much I loved that store and how it is truly an organizer’s dream. Because all of you who have an Ikea nearby already know that.

But for those of you who don’t, I had to take a few laundry pictures.

What’s that?  You don’t go to stores and take pictures of their laundry set-ups?

Hmmm.  Maybe it’s just me then.

Ikea Small Laundry Area

My absolute favorite thing in this laundry set-up is the hanging drying rack.  It’s like a hanging pot rack in your kitchen…but for laundry.  I love it!  If you have a very small laundry room like I do, it’s a great way to access your vertical space.

I have my washer and dryer on pedestals, which provide a fairly decent amount of storage space.  Ikea’s pull out wire bins on both sides of the washer are a good alternative for storage.  The $139 price tag includes everything in the picture, including the countertop.

Ikea Large Laundry Area


This was Ikea’s example of a more spacious laundry area.  The counters on top of the washer and dryer are ideal if you need a spot to fold and don’t have pedestals to add height.  And I adore the little drying rack on the top left.  It’s compact enough to not be obtrusive, but plenty of room to hang dry all of your unmentionables.  The hooks in the middle of the area are extra-large clothespins that could also drip dry small items that don’t need to go through the dryer.


What are your thoughts?

Are these your ideal laundry rooms?  Are they missing something you deem vitally important in your laundry routine?  Do you own any of these laundry organizational tools?

I’d love to hear your critique!


  1. I LOVE Ikea, and have long been a fan of their website, but only made it to an actual store for the first time last July. I was in love and could have easily spent several hours browsing – except that we were half-way home and we had to worry about getting back on the road and all that jazz. Bummer. At any rate, I’m hoping to make it to Ikea again this summer as there’s one about 4 hours from us and I know I could do some damage for the rental house we’re fixing up! 😉 I’m loving that hanging laundry rack!!

    In other laundry related news – I thought about you this week-end. Yes, I did. I thought about someone whom I have never met in person. Why? We purchased our first-ever brand new washer and dryer! 😀 They were on clearance at Lowe’s with an additional % off and FREE delivery and they called to us. We were looking for a washer and dryer for the rental house and decided to donate our 12+ year old stack to that project and bring the news ones to our house. I’m in love. They are a Bosch set of front loaders, so I’m still getting used to that. Which brings me to a laundry question – do you think you HAVE to use HE detergent in front loaders? Just curious.

    • In my experience, you don’t need to use HE soap in front loaders. When I managed apartments we got some new Maytag washers. The salesman and the labels from Maytag told our tenants to cut way back on their detergent, to just 1/4 cup per load. So that’s what I do with my own front loader too.

      Love those Ikea set ups!

      • Thanks Jen! That’s pretty much what I thought because after I ran the first empty wash, I was impressed by the suds through the window, so when I started washing clothes, I put in about 1/3 of what I would normally. It’s nice to hear someone else say the same!

  2. I love, love, love that store! I am hoping to yank out the farmhouse kitchen cabinets and replace with new ones from Ikea… hope it happens sooner than later!

  3. I wish i had a seperate place for laundry. However, I have to share my laundry room with my husbands tool shed!!!!!!!! So after washing and drying everything. I have to lug it all back in the house and fold it on the couch. But, since my husband does remodeling I am thinking of taking him to IKEA and showing him the laundry set ups and hoping that it will convince him to build a seperate laundry room for me and then I will be able to have nifty counter tops and storage areas for everything!!!!!

    • mamalaundry says:

      Oh Roxanne! What a tough way to do laundry! You definitely get an A for effort. I’m not sure we’d ever have clean clothes is I had to take them out to the tool shed.

      Yes, definitely go to IKEA and get some ideas! 🙂


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