List of Sunscreens That Will Prevent Sunscreen Stains on Clothes

As we head into summertime, many of us are diligently applying sunscreen to prevent sunburn. I have very fair skin, so I am definitely a faithful sunscreen user! Did you know that sunscreens that contain the ingredient avobenzone can produce stains on your clothes? If you’ve ever applied sunscreen to your head, face, neck, or […]

How to Remove Tough Underarm Stains and Odors on Shirts

One of the most frequent types of emails I receive from readers is this: How do I remove underarm stains and odors from my shirts? Underarm stains can appear yellow on white/light shirts.  Sometimes they appear as crunchy areas in the underarm area or as darkened areas on darker fabrics. I’ll be honest:  underarm stains […]

Find Those Laundry Posts You’re Looking For

Stain Removal and How to Fold Laundry seem to be the biggest items people are looking for here at Mama’s Laundry Talk.  A large percentage of the readers here have an immediate issue in which they are looking for a solution. So I’ve spent quite a bit of time this week making Mama’s a little […]

Preparing Your Table Linens for Holiday Parties

The holidays are upon us already!  Are you hosting any festive events this holiday season?  If you are, please let me gently remind you to not wait until the last minute to get your linens ready.  You know how things always seem to take longer than you think they’re going to? Linens definitely fall into […]

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