The Dining Room: Washing and Care Instructions for Table Linens

Are you a family that uses tablecloths and cloth napkins often?   We mainly use them around the holiday season here at the Hill House.  I think people (meaning me) often don’t use nicer cloths and napkins because we perceive it as work to get them ready for an event and then to get them clean […]

Preparing Your Table Linens for Holiday Parties

The holidays are upon us already!  Are you hosting any festive events this holiday season?  If you are, please let me gently remind you to not wait until the last minute to get your linens ready.  You know how things always seem to take longer than you think they’re going to? Linens definitely fall into […]

Caring for Tablecloths and Cloth Napkins

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.  If you are a planner, you’re soon going to think about table linens, which china you’d like to use, and seating arrangements. If you have ironed and stored your tablecloths well, it will take minimal effort to get them ready.  However, if they are loosely folded on […]

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