On My Portable Clothesline Today…

This is on my portable clothesline today:   I  love that the weather here in North Carolina is so springy.  Once we hit May here in the South, you can assume the weather is going to stay warm. And with warm weather comes more regular use of my portable clothesline. I don’t routinely dry clothes […]

Drying Racks

Drying clothes without using the dryer is one of the most frugal things a person can implement when it comes to laundry.  There are several methods: hang drying, using the clothesline and also using a drying rack. If you’re in the market for a new drying rack, here are a few possibilities from which to […]

The Clothesline

Do you hang your laundry on a clothesline? In our current house, we don’t have the space for a clothesline.  I long for one during the spring and summer months though. My mama occasionally hung our clothes and sheets on the line to dry in our backyard.  I can easily still smell that clean, fresh […]

Christmas Gift Ideas: Lindy Sue's

Have you ever checked out Lindy Sue’s? If you haven’t then you must go browse right now. Although we’ve never met or conversed, I knew we were kindred souls from the moment I read “Lindy Sue is a laundry enthusiast.  She has devoted her talents to the quest for the perfect load of laundry.” Ah… […]

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