Vlog: 2 More Ironing Tips for Perfect Pants

I get endless emails from readers who want to learn how to iron their clothes so they look as if they were professionally ironed.  Dry cleaning is expensive and people are looking for ways to save on every day costs. Last year, I posted a video on YouTube with 2 of my tips for ironing […]

Vlog: Ironing Tips for Perfect Pants

A few months ago, I posted 2 quick tips for ironing the perfect pair of pants.   It was a wildly popular post, as far as ironing posts go. So here are those ironing tips in action.  Make sure you implement them the next time you iron pants.  You’ll love your results. (If you are […]

How to Avoid Ironing

Ironing seems to be a thing of the past. In fact, our CPA saw my receipt for my fabulous iron last year and said, “Do people even do that anymore?”  Well, I do.  But I realize I might be in the minority. Not too long ago mothers ironed every piece of clothing in the house: […]

A Few Laundry Questions and Answers

I’ve written over 250 posts so far here at Mama’s Laundry Talk, and with that comes a lot of follow-up questions.  Today I am going to tackle a few.  Hopefully, some of your questions will be answered as well! I just looked at your Stain Removal post on The Soak.  Do you soak multiple items […]

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