The Laundry Pile That is My Dresser


Laundry Pile Dresser

Oh yes, this is my dresser.

What’s that?  You can’t see it?

That could possibly be because it is underneath an enormous laundry pile.

In an effort to not put on airs, I didn’t clean it in the least before I took the picture. I could have moved the carpet stain remover spray or the Brita pitcher in an attempt to not make it look quite so bad.  But really, would that have helped?

I think not.

So it is a mixture of 0-3 month clothes and a few leftover maternity shirts that need to go in the attic.  There are also several unmatched socks that didn’t make it to the sock bin.  And at the bottom of that pile, I am sure there are several baby girl dresses that need to go in the closet.

So I’m finally getting my dresser cleaned off and working on my Laundry Life today.

What about you?  Do you have a big laundry job that needs tackling?  Just put it on the to-do list and carve out some time to take care of it today.


  1. Danielle B says:

    Honesty is wonderfully refreshing!!! I’m working on my laundry pile today too. This time last year my dryer broke, we finally got a new-to-us one in November, which just crashed and burned three weeks ago. (Completely unrelated causes of death. I do know the basics of using a dryer! ;-D ) Thankfully, my husband works in an appliance/furniture store and we were able to employee purchase a brand new, high capacity dryer for very cheap! It was delivered late yesterday afternoon! So, let the laundry catch-up begin because I have several stretches of floor that look like that dresser! ;-D

  2. Hehe. I love your honesty! I have several laundry piles to tackle today, actually. An old friend was staying with us over the weekend and I really let the household chores go, so I need to change sheets, change towels, and wash some various bedding/baby clothes. Thankfully laundry is one of my preferred chores!

    • mamalaundry says:

      It seems like my house falls apart over the weekend, whether we have company or not!

      Thanks for visiting Mama’s. 🙂


  3. In an effort at Spring cleaning as well as going through clothes to get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, is worn out, etc., we just washed everything in the house. I have most of it put away, with the last load sitting on the recliner in the den. I’m beat! =)

    • mamalaundry says:

      Wow – Good for you! That’s a big task. 😉

      But isn’t it wonderful when everything smells so nice and clean?!


  4. Ha! All of my “to do’s: are taking over! I need a good plan or a maid!

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