The Dining Room: Washing and Care Instructions for Table Linens

Are you a family that uses tablecloths and cloth napkins often?   We mainly use them around the holiday season here at the Hill House.  I think people (meaning me) often don’t use nicer cloths and napkins because we perceive it as work to get them ready for an event and then to get them clean […]

Mama’s Do’s and Don’ts for Your Kitchen Dishcloths

(I must tell you that I searched high and low for the correct grammar of pluralizing ‘Do and Don’t’.  The correct way is sans apostrophes, although that looks horribly odd.  But I had to put an apostrophe in ‘Do’s’ because I just couldn’t take the ‘Dos’.  Just so you know.) Our kitchen is definitely the […]

All About Bathrooms Link-Up

Were you inspired by all of the bathroom talk this week?  Did you make some changes in your own bathroom? If you’ve written a blog post about a great technique you use to keep your bathroom clean and organized, we’d love for you to link up your post!  Share your best way to keep towels […]

How Often Should You Wash Your Bathroom Towels and Rugs?

How often should you wash your bathroom towels?  And what about the bathroom rug?  Should you wash it every week?  Every couple of weeks? In my experience, people tend to fall into two categories in the Bathroom Towel & Rug Department. With towels, people either use one every day/every other day or they only switch once […]

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