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Lauren at Mama's Laundry TalkI am Lauren Hill, the ‘Mama’ behind Mama’s Laundry Talk.

I am married to Brian who helped me earn the beloved title of ‘Mama’ from Davis (9), Clara (7), Sadie Grace (5) and Anna Faye (3).

After quitting my job as a registered nurse, I brainstormed about various ways I could add to the family’s income.  Tons of ideas were tossed around, but it always seemed to land somewhere around laundry.  I know quite a bit about laundry, so it seemed natural to start a website to help others in this area of expertise.

So after much prayer, research, and analysis, Mama’s Laundry Talk was born in November 2009.

While I had to take an 18-month sabbatical from posting here at Mama’s, I’m so thrilled to be back in the laundry game as of March 2014.

Really… there is no finer, more honorable name than ‘Mama.’


Most Popular Places to Visit Here at Mama’s Laundry Talk

When I go to a new-to-me blog, I’m always curious what the most popular posts and topics are about.  What is everyone else reading?  I don’t want to miss anything!  So here are the most popular places to visit here at Mama’s.

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How Often Should I Wash _____?


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Have Your White Clothes Turned Yellow?


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The First eBook in the Let’s Talk Laundry Series

Spring Cleaning: The Laundry Room - 7 Steps to Get Your Laundry Room Under Control

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