It’s Here! Spring Cleaning: The Laundry Room eBook

Friends, I am so thrilled to announce that the first laundry eBook in the Let’s Talk Laundry series is finally published! Spring Cleaning: The Laundry Room is a guide that can help you get your Laundry Room out of survival mode.  I’ve been there, done that and have several tips to share with you! This […]

Coming This Week – Spring Cleaning: The Laundry Room eBook!

I have been a busy bee creating my very first (of several) Laundry eBooks this week! Introducing the first eBook in the Let’s Talk Laundry series – Spring Cleaning: The Laundry Room! If your Laundry Room is a disaster and you just don’t know where to start, this is the guide for you. You’ll find […]

How to Remove Tough Underarm Stains and Odors on Shirts

One of the most frequent types of emails I receive from readers is this: How do I remove underarm stains and odors from my shirts? Underarm stains can appear yellow on white/light shirts.  Sometimes they appear as crunchy areas in the underarm area or as darkened areas on darker fabrics. I’ll be honest:  underarm stains […]

Get Rid of the Messy Laundry Detergent Cup Once and For All

My husband and I bought our front loading washer and dryer in November of 2007 – a whopping five years ago.  When I was a faithful coupon shopper, I bought detergent bottles where the top is screwed back on after use.  Those are the detergent bottles that hold anywhere from 32-64 loads. However, I haven’t coupon […]

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