Stain Removal Guide for the Holidays

I genuinely love this time of year from November through the end of December.  It’s always a busy time with cleaning, cooking, baking and shopping but I try to make it more simple each and every year.  I’ve found as we’ve added more children to our family, my desire for a simple, easy holiday season […]

How to Pre-Treat a Stain on Clothing

From my inbox: Mama, what is the best way to pre-treat a stain?  Is there any one best way?  Or do you just spray on the stain remover and let it be? -Annie   So it might seem like a no-brainer to pre-treat a stain before washing, but there really is a best way to […]

How to Remove Blood from Fabric

We’ve all had it happen: you’re wearing your brand new beautiful shirt and you somehow get blood on it. Whether you accidentally cut yourself in the kitchen or your child brushes his freshly scraped knee on you, the results are the same: a ruined outfit. But it doesn’t have to be a total loss.  You […]

How to Remove Crayon Marks from Clothes

Crayons are sneaky little things.  They randomly end up in the dryer and can easily ruin a whole load of clothes.  Or your little one ends up with more crayon marks on her shirt than her paper. Crayon marks are one of those stains that can be very difficult to remove.  Hopefully, your crayon colored […]

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