On My Portable Clothesline Today…

This is on my portable clothesline today:

Rugs on Portable Clothesline


I  love that the weather here in North Carolina is so springy.  Once we hit May here in the South, you can assume the weather is going to stay warm. And with warm weather comes more regular use of my portable clothesline.

I don’t routinely dry clothes on my drying rack.  Our jeans and pants and most shirts just won’t fit on it well without dragging the deck floor.  I occasionally dry the baby’s clothes on it since a) they are little and fit easily and b) they often have stains that the sun bleaches out.

However, I always use it to dry my throw rugs outside.  Throw rugs are thick and have a plastic-type backing and both of those are bad things for a dryer.

During the spring, I also dry my cloth diapers outside.  Since I use a dry-pail method, my diapers often have stains on them.  I dry them so I can get the free benefits of the sun’s stain removal power.  It works most every time!  And keeping cloth diapers out of the dryer keeps my power bill lower while ensuring the long life of my diapers.

So what is on your clothesline today?  Do you routinely dry your laundry outside?  Why or why not?


  1. I was in North Carolina for a work trip last month and couldn’t get over how beautiful the weather and the state was. I wished I was still there! It’s still too cold, dreary and miserable to put anything on the clothesline where I’m at!

    • mamalaundry says:

      Yes, the weather in NC is one of the many perks of living here!

      Thanks for visiting Mama’s 😉


  2. I soooo want an outdoor clothesline. I would love to be able to dry our sheets on it. We have the space, I just haven’t made it priority yet.

  3. I live is AZ where I can line dry clothes just about every day of the year. In the summer they dry faster than in the dryer and I have to be careful not to sun bleach everything…lol. Saves a ton of money, then we turn around and spend all that savings on air conditioning 🙂

  4. codylove says:

    I start hanging things on the line as soon as the weather breaks,as long as the clothes aren’t freezing & slapping me in the face,lol. I hang all my clothes out & only use the dryer to de wrinkle a few items or soften up jeans. In the winter I have a clothes line in the basement as well as several portable dryer racks.

    • mamalaundry says:

      Freezing clothes slapping me in the face does not sound fun! I’m not that dedicated, unfortunately! You’ve got a great set-up there with your line in the basement and the dryer racks.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂


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