6 Ways to Know For Sure That You Have a Laundry Problem

You rarely have clean clothes, but do you really have a laundry problem? ‘Problem’ is a more…serious word.  Maybe you only have a few laundry issues.  Or maybe even a slight laundry dilemma. Or maybe an actual laundry problem. Here’s how to know for sure: 1) You’ve gone to Target at 11pm to buy underwear […]

Are Aprons Really Necessary?

I absolutely adore my apron.  It was handmade for me by my Great Aunt Mary (who is as fabulous as you’d think she would be).  It has seen a lot of wear and tear over the years I’ve owned it.  And it has also created a lot of memories for my children and me. (The […]

My Children’s Dirty Clothes–Why I Love Them

I know, I know. It seems strange to love that my children have dirty clothes.  With dirty clothes comes the never ending laundry pile that is hard to get a handle on at times.  It means another evening of me folding clothes when I would much rather be doing something else. (2 of my 3 […]

When You Don’t Want to Do the Laundry…

Most days, I don’t mind doing laundry.  In fact, I almost enjoy it.  It’s a great feeling to get everything washed and line everyone’s drawers with clean, fresh-smelling clothes.  It’s gives a great sense of completion. But there are those days where I think I’m going to revolt if I have to wash one more […]

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