How to Fold: Footed Pajamas

Footed pajamas are one of those clothing articles you just sort of wad up and hope it stays “folded.”  If this has been your usual folding method for these, your stack probably looks like this:

Messy Pajamas


I’m always looking and experimenting to find a better way to streamline my laundry process and my other work around the house.  I have found that this method is the most efficient for folding those cumbersome footed pajamas.


How to Fold Footed Pajamas

Footed pajamas fold easiest if you zip them first.  This step only adds about 3 seconds on to the total folding time, so go ahead and zip.

Zip Up Footed Pajamas


Next, fold the pajamas back shoulder to back shoulder.  Now give them a good flap to get the big wrinkles out.  Then lay the pajamas down on your folding table and smooth them out with you hands.  Make sure the feet are aligned.

Footed Pajamas Fold Shoulders Back

Footed Pajamas Smooth Flat

Remember that the goal of any folding project is to make your item into a square or rectangle. It will stack easier and just look better.

So to do this with footed pajamas, fold the arms in with the body of the pajamas.  Then fold the bottom portion of the pajamas about a third of the way towards the middle.

Folded Bottom Third Footed Pajamas

Now fold the top portion down so it meets the feet.  Smooth flat again with your hands if needed to remove wrinkles.

Fold Top Third Footed Pajamas


Finally, fold the pajamas in half from right to left.  And your left with nice, neat pajamas.  So much better!

Folded Footed Pajamas

Beautifully Stacked Footed Pajamas


  1. You know, I usually just toss these in the drawer and hope it’ll still close. I think I’ll try this method out.


  2. Mama's Mama says:

    Lauren, you are for sure the “Foresight Folder!”
    Another good tip today. Thanks. Mama’s Mama

  3. I’m putting their footies away for the season this week–and yours look way neater than mine ever do. I’m going to give this a try!

  4. Wow now I know that it can be folded neat like that.hahah I’m really going to try this one. Thanks!

  5. What a great tip – thank you! My daughter is almost two and she still wears footed pjs, I love them so much :).

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