How to Fold: Underwear

The next item of clothing to fold is underwear.  Are you new to folding?  Then please first read a few simple rules of folding clothes

We’ll start with men’s briefs.  They are very simple items to fold and you can get that underwear drawer whipped into shape in a matter of minutes.

Let’s get started…

Lay the briefs out flat on your work surface (table, bed, etc) and smooth flat with your hand.

Flat Briefs

Fold in the left side of the briefs to the center and smooth flat.

Left folded in Briefs 


Fold in the right side of the briefs to the center and smooth flat.

Center Folded Briefs

Fold up the bottom of the briefs so they are in line with the top edge.

Briefs folded bottom to top 

Turn so the edge is facing front on top and place neatly in drawer.

Folded finished Briefs


Now we’ll do the same process with Ladies underwear:

Flat Ladies UnderwearLeft folded in Ladies Underwear  Center Folded Ladies UnderwearLadies Underwear Folded Bottom to TopFolded finished Ladies Underwear

That’s it!  Underwear is pretty simple.  Next post, I’ll show you a great method for Men’s Boxers.


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  1. This is how I fold our stuff. It always works so well. Not sure where I learned it though. I’m guessing my mom taught me.

  2. I do it the same way only I fold the crotch up first and then the rest into thirds. 🙂

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