How Much Does it Cost to Wash Clothes?

I’m always curious about the real answer to this question. How much does it cost to wash clothes? Does it really make a difference in my financial bottom line if I’m washing 8 loads a week versus 14 loads a week? Is there a noticeable impact in our bank account if I wash 4 loads […]

Setting up a Price Book: Track Your Best Price for Laundry Detergent

Last year, I wrote a guest post for Centsable Momma on How to Create a Price Book.  I’ve used a price book for at least 6 years now, and I consider it to be a huge tool in helping our family save money.   Why do I need a price book? You need a price […]

Mama’s Frugal Laundry Ideas

Over the past year, the percentage of people who found my blog via a “frugal laundry” search in Google has sky-rocketed.  The economy is tough and people are intensely searching for ways to ease their financial burden. We’ve all got laundry to wash, so it seems like a great place to analyze a few cost-saving […]

Homemade Laundry Products

  There are so many ways to save money on laundry.  You can use coupons or shop sales or make your own detergents and laundry products. You are in luck if you are a person that likes to make your own products.  I have a whole round-up of links from dryer sheets to wrinkle releaser! […]

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